Guests in Eden

is sincerely mourned by members of Phi Delta Gamma every­ where. It was then taken up by the present editor who takes this opportunity to express gratitude to her predecessor; to the advisory committee appointed to work with her-the members being Juliana S. Haskell, Harriet B. Prescott, Ester Andersson and (ex officio) Margaret Cooper; and also to Josephine Pollitt, whose unflagging interest and untiring assistance in suggesting contributors, tracking down clues and unearthing information (like that contained in the foot-note on page 23) has been invaluable. Appreciation is also ex­pressed to Jane C. Crowell of Amherst, Massachusetts, and to Alfred Leete Hampson for similar help in connection with that part of the memorial devoted to Madame Bianchi.


New York, May 1946

Contributors whose articles we are unable to include are: Mrs. Josephine McArthur Crowell, Mr. George Harris, Miss Alice Pettyjohn, Mrs. Atherton Sprague, Mrs. Grant Squires, "E. V.", Rev. Raymond A. Waser.

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