Guests in Eden

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The Evergreens
Photograph of Madame Bianchi   Frontispiece
Martha Dickinson Bianchi Alfred Leete Hampson 1
Memorial Address Frank Prentice Rand 3
"I Have a Missing Friend" Jane C. Crowell 6
"She Dwelt So Close" Ethel C. Parke 10
"Each That We Lose..." Alice Felt Tyler 11
"Clad in Victory" Virginia Dickinson Reynolds 12
"Indemnity for Loneliness" Edna L. Skinner 16
"Whose Mind Was List by Prisms" Sister Mary James 17
"Immortal is an Ample Word" Elise Pumpelly Cabot 19
"How Great a Firmament" Laura Benet 21
Autumn Fragments Mary Landis 25
"Passenger of Infinity" Dorothy Lee 26
"The Heart I Cherished" Margaret R. Hamlin 27
Doctor of Letters   27
Prayer for Tonight Martha Dickinson Bianchi 28
Bibliography Charles R. Green 30

The Other Side of the Hedge
Photograph of Textile Ruth Reeves 32
For a Young Girl's Bedroom   33
"In Lands I Never Saw" Josephine Pollitt 34
From Emily's Hill Princess Dorothy Troubetzkoy 38
"Je ne Suis Rien"   38
"The Soul Unto Itself" E. Merrill Root 39
Emily Dickinson Frances E. Vernon 42
A Secret in White Carl Van Doren 42
Emily Dickinson Louis Ginsberg 44

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