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H bMS Am 1118.95, Box 9


a comfortable plumpness rounding her
oft-gentle ways and expression, her
tout ensemble emphasized and
glorified by a gay turban swathed
about her head, going off in a careful
geometrical table[tabre?] nearly a foot above
and a little back her bump of self-esteem.
One could ask nothing more for
picturesqueness or gentleness as the
after days proved - but alas her
"natural force was abated," her
evolutions too slow to meet the
exigencies of a crying baby - For a
few days all went well - her methods
were wise and wholesome, her chat
good-natured with quite a dash of
incidents[?], quite free from the harrowing
recitals so native to nurses then and
now - The baby-boy proved to be that
terror to men and the universe and
men[?] "A crying child" -- this [?ing]
heavily on a nurse's reserved energy
and poor Aunt Abbie gave away

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