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under the pressure - Bravely she struggled
in the combat self-sacrificing as the
best Xtian martyr - but the extra
demand at night, made her so
sleepy by day that she was often sound
asleep with the priceless baby in her lap
guarded from falls by no apparent power.
Gently I transferred her to her home in
S- for her devotion had really drawn
me to her and her failure was one of
the "gradations of Mercy[?]," nobody's fault
but Adam's - It was a great chastenence
of my motherly pride, to part with
a person who looked the part so
satisfactorily - I could not easily see
a common person take the place of
this gay-turbaned nurse - sauntering
over the grounds with baby calm for the
nonce, upon her shoulder, his long white
robe flowing effectively over her scanter[?]
draperies - I must insert here a
notice of her death taken from the
S. R. at the time - I worried[reviled?] a little
under[?] this reputation my innocent baby

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