LOADED SKY -- Charles Borkhuis

wonder how it slicked
her heaven rowdy
round the calm?

wander frequent user friendly
bob's mouth was always
but the bullet stops here
where "if" expects a sign of life
or at least an open casket
someplace where the blame-exchange
is on equal footing

"I'll take all the humility you've got
and raise you a lily"
purgatory sent me sleepwalking
down the letter R
through a crease in the fire
no return over reverse
spikes of desire

blow out in the wreck room
"my vulva belongs to daddy"
written on a two by four
what has life in store
for a couple of hard boiled
eggs like us?

time to pussy up to the bar
and block all escape exits
with your considerable heart-on

if they've indeed landed
what do we ego owe them
for over parking on this planet?

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