PEEP PEEP -- Charles Borkhuis

hands up
inside the words that found me
tweaking the thought wires
like speechless fingers moving
inside a bird's beak
peep peep

you got me dead to rights
so let the wings flap
for a stoolie moment
and the body stir dirt rings
round my collar

burnt ego tips confirm
every smoking digit
funny to a point
then she's on my nerves
like a jackhammer

"we're all accessories
to the crime of birth in the first
punishable by life" says the wife
yak yak yak

listening to how it all happens
I notice my breath's body
dislodged from my right shoulder
through an open window

love's little sawed off
dimension to nowhere
invites us to take the plunge
seems the more we say
the faster we disappear

me? I'll take the loner body for a spin
fill 'er up with air kisses and double zeros
tonight I'm dark in my motor's bed
cranking up the silence a notch

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