Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H 325a
The Crickets 
And set the 
And Workmen 
finished One by 
Their Seam the 
 Day upon -

The low Grass 
loaded with the 
H 325b

The Twilight
stood, as Strangers 
With Hat in 
Hand, polite and 
To stay as if, 
or go -

A Vastness, as 
a Neighbor, came,
A Wisdom, without 
Face, or Name,
H 325c

A Peace, as 
Hemispheres at 
And so the 
Night became -
	 Emily '
H 325d

[on verso in pencil, by Sue:]
  I was all ear
And took in strains that
 might create a seal
Under the ribs of death

[then, upside down:]
Despair is treason
 toward man
And blasphemy
 to Heaven.

H 325

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