Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H 335a

The Frost of 
Death was on the 
"Secure your Flower" 
said he.
Like Sailors 
fighting with a Leak
We fought 

Our passive Flower 
we held to Sea -
H 335b

To Mountain, 
To the Sun -
Yet even on his 
Scarlet shelf
To crawl the 
Frost begun -

We pried him 
Ourselves we 
Himself and her 
H 335c

Yet easy as the 
narrow Snake
He forked his 
way along

Till all her 
helpless beauty 
And then our 
wrath begun -
We hunted him 
to his Ravine
H 335d

We chased him 
to his Den -
We hated Death 
and hated Life
And nowhere 
was to go -
Than Sea and 
continent there 
A larger - it 
is Woe
Emily -

H 335

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