Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H 357a
The Wind did'nt come 
from the Orchard - today !
Farther than that !
Nor stop to play with 
the Hay -
Nor ogle a Hat
He's a transitive fellow -
very -
Rely on that !

When he leave a Burr 
at the door -
We say he has climbed 
a Fir !
But - the Fir is Where ?
Declare! Were you ever 
H 357b

If He bring 
Odors of Clovers -
And that is His business -
not Our's -
Then he has been with 
the Mowers -
Whetting away the Hours
To sweet pauses of Hay -
A Way he has 
Of a June Day !

If He fling Dust, and 
pebble -
Little Boy's Hats - and Stubble -
With an occasional Steeple -
And a hoarse 'Get out of 
the way - I say - '
Who'd be the fool to stay?
Would you! Say! Would you
H 357c

be the fool to stay?

H 357

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