Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H B123a
Without the 
annual parting 
I thought to
shun the 
Loneliness that 
parting ratifies.  
How artfully 
in vain!
Your Coffee 
cooled un-
touched except 
by random 
A one Armed 
Man conveyed 
the flowers. 
Not all my 

H B123b

modest schemes 
have so perverse 
a close.
My love to 
"Captain Jenks" 
who forbore 
to call.
If not too 
to the Divine 
Will, a Kiss 
also for 
"God is a 
jealous God."
I miss the 
Turkey's quaint 
face - once 
H B123c

my grave 
Familiar, also 
the former 
Chickens, now 
forgotten Hens.  
"Pussum" cries I
hear, but 
it is too 
select a grief 
to accept solace.  
Tell Mattie
Tabby caught 
a Rat and it 
ran away.  
Grandpa caught 
it and it
He is the best 

H B123d

The Rabbit 
winks at me 
all Day, but 
if I wink 
back, he 
shuffles a 
What Rowen 
he leaves, 
Horace will 
pick for the 
This is the 
final Weather.  
The transport 
that is not 
postponed is 

H B123e

is [sic] stopping 
with us all.
But Subjects 
hinder talk.
Silence is all 
we dread.
There's Ransom 
in a Voice -
But Silence 
is Infinity.
Himself have 
not a face.
Love for 
John and 


H B123

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