Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H B131a
                    Thursday noon.

     Were it not for the weather Susie-  
my little, unwelcome face would come 
peering in today-  I should steal a kiss 
from the sister  the darling Rover re-
turned  Thank the wintry wind my 
dear one-  that spares such daring in-
trusion!  Dear Susie   happy Susie-  I rejoice 
in all your Joy sustained by that dear 
sister you will never again be lonely.  
Don't forget all the little friends who
have tried so hard to be sisters, when 
indeed you were alone!

You do not hear the wind blow on this 
inclement day, when the world is shrug-
ging  it's shoulders[;]  your little "Columbarium 

H B131b

is lined with warmth and softness," 
there is no "silence" there-  so you differ from 
bonnie "Alice."  I miss one angel face in 
the little world of sisters   dear Mary-   
sainted Mary   Remember lonely one-  tho, 
she comes not to us, we shall return to 
her!  My love to both your sisters-  and 
I want so much to see Matty.

          Very aff yours, Emily


H B131

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