Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H B152a
		6 o'clock   
   It's hard to wait, dear Susie, though 
my heart is there, and has been 
since the sunset, and I knew you'd 
come - I'd should have gone right 
down, but Mother had been at 
work hard, as it was Saturday, and 
Austin had promised to take her 
to Mrs Cobb's, as soon as he got 
home from Palmer - then she wanted 
to go, and see two or three of the 
neighbors, and I wanted to go to 
you, but I thought it would be 
unkind - so not till tomorrow, Darling - 
and all the stories Monday - except 
short sketches of them at meeting 
tomorrow night.  I have stories to 
tell - very unusual for me - a good 
many things have happened - Love 
for you Darling - How can I sleep 
tonight?  Ever Emilie    

H B152b

So precious, my own Sister, to have you 
here again.  Somebody loves you more - 
or I were there this evening -
Mother sends her love - She spoke of it 
this morning, what a day Susie would 
have -


H B152

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