Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H B158a
I  felt  it  no 
betrayal,  Dear -
Go  to  my  Mine 
as  to  your  own, 
only  more 
unsparingly -
I  can  scarcely 
believe  that  the 
Wondrous  Book  
is  at  last  to  
be  written,  and 
it  seems  like 
a  Memoir  of 
the  Sun,  when 
the  Noon  is 
gone -
You  remember  

H B158b

his  swift  way 
of  wringing  and 
flinging  away 
a  Theme,  and 
others  picking  it 
up  and  gazing 
bewildered  after 
him,  and  the 
prance  that 
crossed  his  Eye 
at  such  times 
was  unrepeatable-
Though  the  
Great  Waters 
That  they  are 
still  the  Deep,
We  cannot  doubt -

H B158c

No  Vacillating 
Ignited  this  
To  put  it  out -

I  wish  I  could 
find  the  
Warrington  Words, 
but  during  
my  weeks  of 
faintness,  my 
Treasures  were 
misplaced,  and 
I  cannot  find 
them - I  think 
Mr  Robinson 

H B158d

had  been  left 
alone,  and 
felt  the  opinion 
while  others  were 
gone -

Remember,  Dear, 
an  unfaltering  
Yes  is  my 
only  reply  to 
your  utmost 
question -

   With  constancy,
          Emily '


H B158

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