Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H B161a
     Thank Susan for the 
effort, I shall not 
mind the Gloves - 
I knew it was the 
Bell, and not the 
Noon, that failed - 
For caution of my 
Hat, He says, the 
Doctor wipes my 
cheeks, so the Old 
Thimble will do -
I knew it was 
"November", but then 

H B161b

there is a June 
when Corn is cut, 
whose option is within.  
That is why I prefer 
the Power, for Power 
is Glory, when it likes, 
and Dominion, too -
To include, is to be 
touchless, for Ourself 
cannot cease - 
Hawthorne's interruption 
does not seem as it 
did.  Noon is Morning's 
Memoir, and I notice
[end is missing or not finished?]


H B161

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