Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H B173a
          Wednesday -
     Precious Sue - Precious Mattie!
All I desire in this life - all 
I pray for, or hope for in that 
long life to come!
Dear Mattie just left me, and 
I stand just where we stood 
smiling and chatting together 
a moment ago.  Our last words 
were of you, and as we said 
Dear Susie, the sunshine grew 
so warm, and out peeped 
prisoned leaves, and the Robins 
answered Susie, and the big 
hills left their work, and echo-
ed Susie, and from the smil-

H B173b

ing fields, and from the fra
rant meadows came troops of 
fairy Susies, and asked "Is it 
me"?  No, Little One, "Eye hath 
not seen, nor ear heard, nor 
can the heart conceive" my 
Susie, whom I love.
These days of heaven bring you 
nearer and nearer, and every 
bird that sings, and every bud
that blooms, does but remind 
me more of that garden 
unseen, awaiting the hand 
that tills it.  Dear Susie, when 
you come, how many boundless 

H B173c

blossoms among those silent beds!  
How I do count the days - how 
I do long for the time when I 
may count the hours without 
incurring the charge of Femina 
insania!  I made up the Latin - 
Susie, for I could'nt think how 
it went, according to Stoddard 
and Andrew!
I want to send you joy, I have 
half a mind to put up one 
of these dear little Robin's, and
send him singing to you.  
I know I would, Susie, did I think 
he would live to get there 

H B173d

and sing his little songs.
I shall keep everything singing 
tho', until Dear Child gets home - 
and I shant let anything
blossom till then - either.
I have got to go out in the 
garden now, and whip a Crown-
Imperial for presuming to hold
it's head up, until you have 
come home, so farewell, Susie - 
I shall think of you at sun-
set, and at sunrise, again; 
and at noon, and forenoon, 
and afternoon, and always, and 
evermore, till this little heart 
stops beating and is still.  Emilie


H B173

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