Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H B184a
To miss you, Sue, 
is power.
The stimulus 
of Loss makes 
most Possession 
To live lasts 
always, but to 
love is firmer
than to live.  
No Heart that 
broke but further 
went than 

H B184b

The Trees keep 
House for you 
all Day and 
the Grass looks 
A silent Hen 
frequents the 
place with
Chickens - and 
still Forenoons 
a Rooster knocks 
at your outer 
To look that 
way is Romance.  

H B184c

The Novel "out," 
pathetic worth 
attaches to the 
Nothing has gone
but Summer, or 
no one that you 
The Forests 
are at Home - 
the Mountains 
intimate at 
Night and arrogant 
at Noon, and 
lonesome Fluency 

H B184d

abroad, like 
suspending Music.
Of so divine
a Loss
We enter but 
the Gain,
Indemnity for 
That such a 
Bliss has been.
Tell Neddie 
that we miss 
him and cherish 
"Captain Jinks."  
Tell Mattie 
that "Tim's["] Dog 

H B184e

calls Vinnie's Pussy 
names and I don't 
discourage him.  
She must come 
Home and chase 
them both and 
that will make 
it square.
For Big Mattie 
and John, of 
course a strong
I trust that 
you are warm.  
I keep your 
faithful place.  

H B184f

Whatever throng 
the Lock is 
firm upon your 
Diamond Door.


H B184

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