Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H B185a
   To take away our 
Sue leaves but a 
lower World, her 
firmamental quality 
our more familiar 
It is not Nature -  
dear, but those  
that stand for  
The Bird would be  
a soundless thing  
without Expositor.   
Come Home and  
see your Weather.   

H B185b

The Hills are full  
of Shawls, and I  
am going every  
Day to buy myself  
a Sash. 
Grandma moans for  
Neddie, and Austin's  
face is soft as  
Mist when he  
hears his name.   
Tell "Dexter" I  
miss his little  
I humbly try to fill  
your place at the  
Minister's, so faint  

H B185c

a competition, it  
only makes them  
Mattie is stern and  
lovely  literary, they  
tell me - a graduate  
of Mother Goose  
and otherwise ambi- 
We have a new  
man whose name  
is Tim. 
Father calls him  
"Timothy" and the  
Barn sounds like  
the Bible. 

H B185d

Vinnie is still on  
her "Coast Survey"  
and I am so  
hurried with Parents  
that I run all  
Day with my Tongue  
abroad, like a  
Summer Dog. 
Tell Mattie for me  
glad little Girl  
is safe, and  
congratulate minor  
little Girl on her  
priceless Mama.   


H B185

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