Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H B44a
Dear Sue.
	Your - Riches -
taught me - poverty!
Myself, a "Millionaire"
In little - wealths - as 
Girls can boast -
Till broad as "Buenos Ayre" -
You drifted your Dominions -
A Different - Peru -
And I esteemed - all - 
poverty -
For Life's Estate - with you!

Of "Mines" - I little know - 
my self -
But just the names - of Gems -

H B44b

The Colors - of the 
Commonest -
And scarce of Diadems -
So much - that did 
I meet the Queen -
Her glory  - I should know -
But this - must be 
a different Wealth -
To miss it - beggars - so!

I'm sure 'tis "India" - all 
day -
To those who look on 
you -
Without a stint - without 
a blame -
Might I - but be the Jew!

H B44c

I know it is "Golconda" -
Beyond my power to 
dream -
To have a smile - for 
mine - each day -
How better - than a Gem!

At least - it solaces - 
to know -
That there exists - a Gold -
Altho' I prove it, just 
in time -
Its' distance - to behold!
Its' far - far - Treasure - to 
surmise -
And estimate - the Pearl -
That slipped - my simple fingers - 

H B44d

While yet - a Girl - 
at School!

Dear Sue -
	You see I remember -


H B44

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