Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H B59a
    Ned is safe -
Just "serenaded"
Hannah, and is 
running off with
a Corn Leaf
"tail," looking
back for Cheers,
Grandma "hoped"
characteristically "he
would be a very
good Boy" -
"Not very dood"
he said, sweet

H B59b

  defiant Child!
Obtuse Ambition
of Grandmamas!
I kissed my Hand
to the early Train
but forgot to open
the Blind, partly
explaining your
negligence -
Nothing is heard
from Worcester
though Father
demanded a
Telegram, and the

H B59c

  Dudleys delay
for Weather, so
Susan shall see
It rains in the
Kitchen, and Vinnie
trades Blackberries
with a Tawny Girl -
Guess I wont go
out.  My Jungle
fronts on Wall St -
Was the Sea
cordial?  Kiss him
for Thoreau -

H B59d

   Do not fear
for Home -
Be a bold Susan -
Clara sold the
Tobacco, and is
good to Ned -
 Dreamed of your
meeting Tennyson
in Ticknor and 
Fields -
Where the Treasure
is, there the
Brain is also -
Love for Boy,


H B59

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