Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H B91a
Dear  Sue -
A  Promise 
is  firmer  than 
a  Hope,  although 
it  does  not  hold 
so  much  
Hope  never  knew 
Awe  is  the  first 
Hand  that  is 
held  to  us -
Hopelessness  in  it's 
first  Film  has  not 
leave   to   last- 
That  would 
close  the  Spirit, 
and   no 

H B91b

intercession  could 
do  that -
Intimacy  with 
Mystery,  after  great 
Space,  will  usurp 
it's  place -
Moving  on  in 
the  Dark  like 
Loaded   Boats 
at  Night,  though 
there  is  no 
Course,  there  is 
Boundlessness -
Expanse  cannot
be lost -
Not  Joy,  but
a  Decree
Is  Deity -

H B91c

His  Scene,
Infinity -
Whose  rumor's
Gate  was  shut
so  tight
Before  my  Beam
was  sown,
Not  even  a
Prognostic's  push
Could  make
a  Dent  thereon -

The World
That  thou  hast
Shuts  for  thee,
But  not  alone,

H B91d

We  all  have
followed  thee -
Escape   more
To  thy  Tracts
of  Sheen -
The  Tent  is
But  the  Troops
are  gone!
    Emily -


H B91

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