Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H L3a           Sunday.

I hav'nt any paper, dear, but faith continues firm - Presume if I met with my "deserts," I should receive nothing. Was informed to that effect today by a "dear pastor." What a privilege it is to be so insignificant! Thought of intimating that the "Atonement" was'nt needed for such atomies! I think you went on Friday. Some time is longer than the rest, and some is very short. Omit to classify Friday - Saturday - Sunday! Evenings get longer with the Autumn - that is nothing new! The Asters are pretty well. "How are the other blossoms?"

H L3b

"Pretty well, I thank you." Vinnie and I are pretty well. Carlo - comfortable - terrifying man and beast, with renewed activity - is cuffed some - hurled from piazza frequently, when Miss Lavinia's "flies" need her action elsewhere.

She has the "patent action," I have long felt!

I attended church early in the day. Prof Warner preached. Subject - "little drops of dew."

Este[y] took the stump in the afternoon. Aunt [Catharine] Sweetser's dress would have startled Sheba. Aunt [Lucretia] Bullard was not out - presume she stayed at home for "self examination." Accompanied by father, they visited the grave yard, after services. These are stirring

H L3c

scenes! Austin supped with us. "Appears well." Ah - Dobbin - Dobbin - you little know the chink which your dear face makes. We would'nt mind the sun, dear, if it did'nt set - How much you cost - how much Mat costs - I will never sell you for a piece of silver. I'll buy you back with red drops, when you go away. I'll keep you in a casket - I'll bury you in the garden - and keep a bird to watch the spot - perhaps my pillow's safer - Try my bosom last - That's nearest of them all, and I should hear a foot the quickest, should I hear a foot - The thought of the little brown plumes makes my

H L3d

eye awry. The pictures in the air have few visitors.

You see they come to their own and their own do not receive them. "Power and honor" are here today, and "dominion and glory"! I shall never tell!

You may tell, when "the seal" is opened; Mat may tell when they "fall on their faces" - but I shall be lighting the lamps then in my new house - and I cannot come.

God bless you, if he please! Bless Mr John and Mrs Mat - Bless two or three others! I wish to be there - Shall I come? If I jump, shall you catch me. Hav'nt the conceit to jump! Vinnie is asleep - and must dream her message. Good night, little girls!

Since there are two varieties, we will say it softly - Since there are snowier beds, we'll talk a little every night, before we sleep in these!

     Love Emilie -


H L3

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