Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H 308

JP 1243

FP 1196

OMC 143

1866 or later


watermark/embossment: Y, [A Pirie & Sons 18]66

18 x 11.5 cm.

folded in thirds

SH 143; LL 197. Bottom two-thirds of second leaf are cut away. One might not think this were a mutilation if the signature was gone, yet it is intact so was not cut out as a souvenir; also, the cut is about a half inch below the fold. Paper clip marks. This handwriting has usually be designated as later, as of the 1870s (see Franklin Set 8a Ns, p. 1264), and the stationery certainly could have sat around for several years, but perhaps this handwriting emerges earlier than has previously been thought.

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