Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H 348

JP 1356

FP 1369

OMC 186


ink, two leaves

watermark/embossment: Y, A Pirie & Sons 1862, embossed

18 x 11 cm.

folded in quarters

Poems (1891), 156, titled "The Rat." Marked with "P." Johnson is mistaken, for the copy of Susan is not "lost." Transcript made by Sue (H ST 8b) is without stanza division and the conclusion varies slightly:

Or decree prohibit him
Lawful as Equilibrium -

That Susan was making transcripts underscores the fact that she had planned to bring out a volume that "would have been rather more full, and varied, than [Higginson and Todd's] as," she, more familiar with the range of Dickinson's writings than either editor, "would have used many bits of her prose--passages from early letters quite surpassing the correspondence of Gunderodi[e] with Bettine--quaint bits to my children &c &c." (AB 86).

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