Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H B98

JL 226

October 1860


watermark/embossment: N, no symbol

12 x 11.5 cm.

folded in quarters

FF 258. Pencil with "Sue" on verso. Note is on paper torn from larger sheet, then quartered; note has pinholes in each quadrant, indicating that it was pinned together, as if inside clothes or on cloth on a tray. Johnson conjectures the date from the handwriting, "confirmed by the fact that Emily and Lavinia went to visit Eliza Coleman at Middletown, Connecticut, October 19. Lyman Coleman lived there briefly after he left Philadelphia in 1858, before settling in Easton, Pennsylvania, in 1861, where he taught at Lafayette College. Eudocia Flynt, Mrs. Coleman's sister-in-law, met the girls en route to Middletown, according to her diary (in the possession of her granddaughter, Mrs. Raymond W. Jones)."

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