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H L1

JL 177

OMC 20

late January 1855



watermark/embossment: SLP, Superfine Laid Paper, embossed

20 x 13 cm.

LL 33-34, in small part; FF 200-202 in part. Rust marks from paper clips. "Last" (?) pencilled in left margin of first paragraph, pencilled lines across the others. Once again, Johnson conflates marginalia, which is particularly jaunty here and on four different leaves, into a single "final paragraph." He also notes that Lavina and Emily planned to visit their father in Washington upon Austin's returned from his western trip, and that Austin's "name is in the Washington Evening Star, on January 11, as a recent arrival at Willard's Hotel, but no other members of the family are mentioned. Susan and Martha Gilbert planned to return to Amherst from Michigan early in February" [L 186n].

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