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H L2

JL 94

OMC 10

11 June 1852

ink, one sheet, four pages

lightly ruled

watermark/embossment: N, no symbol

20 x 13 cm.

folded in thirds

FF 215-217, in part. Pinholes. Also, there are two holes on each third similar to some of those made on the fascicles for binding. Addressed "Miss Susan H. Gilbert./40-Lexington St./Baltimore./Md-"; "May want again" written just above the address. There is a pencil line down the left side of text on the third leaf, marking the passage from "Dear Susie, I have tried hard" to "'never slumbers nor sleeps,'" and there is an even heavier line on the left side of the postscript "Why cant I be a Delegate." Johnson transcribes "fears" as "years" in the first paragraph. Emily's father Edward Dickinson was a delegate the national Whig convention, meeting in Baltimore on June 16, 1852, and apparently delivered the letter to Sue.

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