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H L6

JL 176

OMC 19

27 November-3 December 1854

ink, one sheet, two leaves


watermark/embossment: SLP, Superfine Laid Paper, embossed

20 x 13 cm.

folded in rectangles

FF 211-213, in part. Lines pencilled across every paragraph; "Chuck" pencilled across the fifth. Johnson transcribes "good" instead of "great" in the next to last paragraph. Johnson contextualizes the allusions: Austin and Susan planned to marry in autumn 1855 (the wedding was postponed; they actually married July 1, 1856); Austin travelled to Chicago and to visit his future in-laws in Grand Haven, Michigan, leaving Amherst December 4 and returning in early January; meanwhile, "Edward Dickinson returned to Washington on November 30 for the second session of the Thirty-third Congress"; the letter's last line alludes to the two "concluding the second stanza of James Montgomery's hymn," "O where shall rest be found": "'. . .'Tis not the whole of life to live; Nor all of death to die.'"

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