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Susan Dickinson
   · Writings by Susan Dickinson, a critical edition

Emily Dickinson (access restricted)
   · Emily Dickinson's Correspondences (in progress)

Images of Dickinson's Letters to Thomas Higginson from the Boston Public Library
   · Images

Edward (Ned) Dickinson
   · Correspondence & Notebook


   · "Emily Dickinson Writing a Poem"— Martha Nell Smith and Lara
   · "Dickinson, Cartoonist" — Martha Nell Smith
   · "The Letter-Poem, a Dickinson Genre" — Martha Nell Smith
   · "Mutilations: What Has Been Erased, Inked Over, and Cut
"— Martha Nell Smith, with Jarom McDonald
   · "The Civil War, Class, & the Dickinsons: Emily Dickinson's       Confederate Uncle" — Martha Nell Smith
   · "Virtual Landscapes: The Homestead, the Evergreens, and
" (in progress) — Jarom McDonald


Martha Nell Smith & Kenneth M. Price, Co-Directors. The Classroom Electric: Dickinson, Whitman, and American Culture, a FIPSE-funded Initiative

Martha Nell Smith, Ellen Louise Hart, Marta Werner, & Lara Vetter. Emily Dickinson's Correspondences: An Electronic Edition. Under Development. See Detailed Description of the Archives

Marta Werner, Radical Scatters: An Electronic Archive of Emily Dickinson's Late Fragments (U of Michigan P, 2000). DTDs for this website were developed by Werner in collaboration with the Humanities Text Initiative at the University of Michigan.


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