Spring 1998 students in Martha Nell Smith's graduate seminar, Dickinson & Whitman in Manuscript, Print, & Digital Cultures, were asked to choose a Dickinson poem and edit it for publication on this site. In doing so, they were asked to trace its transmission from Dickinson's holograph copy to Thomas H. Johnson's production of it for his reader's edition The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson (published in 1960, five years after his variorum). Table of Contents.

Each student was asked to develop a final project for the semester investigating some area generated by the shared objectives of the course. A range of possible topics were suggested and working in various media was strongly encouraged. For their semester's final project, some students developed websites or decided to contribute substantially to work already under way in the Dickinson archives:

Bernie Heidkamp, Gender and Identities in the Poetry of Walt Whitman

Matthew Hill & Ingrid Satemajer, Emily Dickinson and The Youth's Companion

Laura Lauth, Contributor to Critical Notes, Introduction, and Transcriptions for Writings by Susan Dickinson

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