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Thomas Johnson's Note on Poem 1406

MANUSCRIPTS: There are three, two fair copies and a worksheet draft, all written in pencil about 1877. The copy reproduced above was a message to Dr. J. G. Holland (H H 36a), endorsed "Doctor." and signed "Emily." It might have been delivered to him at the Breakfast table after an overnight visit in Amherst, or sent to him later. The second fair copy (Bingham 102-36) is identical with the copy made for Dr. Holland except that line 1 is without punctuation. The worksheet draft from which the fair copies derive (Bingham 102-35) reads thus:

No passenger was known to flee
Who lodged a night in Memory -
That wily - [strikethrough: unsubstantial] subterranean Inn
Contrives that none go out again -

It is jotted down on a scrap of paper on the verso of which are the lines beginning "Last to adhere" - a part of the poem beginning "After all Birds have been investigated."

PUBLICATION: BM (1945), 272. It derives from the fair copy (Bingham 102-36). The copy to Dr. Holland is printed in LH (1951), 107.

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