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Thomas Johnson's Note on Poem 1514

MANUSCRIPT: The fair copy reproduced above (H H 59) is incorporated in a letter written to Mrs. J. G. Holland in late March 1881. The worksheet draft (Bingham 99-5), which probably immediately preceded it, also survives:

An antiquated Tree
Is cherished by the Crow.
Because that Junior Foliage Is disrespectful now

To venerable Birds
Whose Corporation Coat
Would decorate Oblivion's
Fantastic Consulate -

2. by] of the Crow -
6. Corporation] unsuspecting Coat - / well intentioned Coat -
8. Fantastic] Most gracious - / [Most] dusky - / [Most] pompous

ED in her fair copy adopted the suggested change for line 2 only; in the last line she set down an alternative that is not suggested in the rough draft.

PUBLICATION: BM (1945), 77. The text derives from the worksheet draft; one suggested change is adopted:

8. pompous

The letter to Mrs. Holland is in LH (1951), 141.

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