poems sent from dickinson to elizabeth holland

Thomas Johnson's Note on Poem 17

MANUSCRIPTS: There are two, identical in text, both written late in 1858. The copy reproduced above is in packet 80 (Bingham 4f). The other fair copy, signed "Emilie," was sent to Mrs. J. G. Holland (H H 14); a rosebud is still tied to it by a ribbon attached through slits in the paper.

Baffled for just a day or two -
Embarrassed - not afraid -
Encounter in my garden
An unexpected Maid!
She beckons, and the Woods start -
She nods, and all begin -
Surely - such a country
I was never in!

PUBLICATION: The packet copy furnished the text in BM (1945), 47. The copy to Mrs. Holland is reproduced in LH (1951), 64, where it is provisionally dated 1860.

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