letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

late November 1871

Dear Sister.

Bereavement to yourself your faith makes secondary. We who cannot hear your voice are chastened indeed -

'Whom he loveth, he punisheth," is a doubtful solace finding tart reponse in the lower Mind.

I shall cherish the Stripes though I regret that your latest Act must have been a Judicial one. It comforts the Criminal little to know that the Law expires with him.

Beg the Oculist to commute your Sentence that you may also commute mine. Doubtless he has no friend and to curtail Communion is all that remains to him.

I am pleased the Gingerbread triumphed.

Let me know your circumstance through some minor Creature, abler in Machinery if unknown the Love.

Steam has his Commissioner, tho' his substitute is not yet disclosed of God.


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