letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

December 1877

I always feel that the Minutest Effort of the dear Eyes, demands a peculiarly immediate reply - and internally it receives it, but time to say we are sorry, is sometimes withheld -

Wrenched from my usual Route by Vinnie's singular illness - and Mother's additional despair - I have felt like a troubled Top, that spun without reprieve. Vinnie's relief is slow - She has borne more that she could, as you and I know more of, than her Physician does -

Tortue for worthless sakes is equally Torture -

I shall try superhumanly to save her, and believe I shall, but she has been too lacerated to revive immediately.

Mrs Lord - so often with us - has fled - as you know - Dear Mr Bowles is hesitating - God help him decide on the Mortal Side!

This is Night - now - but we are not dreaming. Hold fast to your Home, for the Darling's stealthy momentum makes each moment - Fear -

I enclose a Note, which if you would lift as far as Philadelphia, if it did not tire your Arms - would please me so much.

Would the Doctor be willing to address it? Ask him, with my love.

Maggie remembers you with fondness - and Mother gives her love - Vinnie longs for you.

Is not the distinction of Affection, almost Realm enough?


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