letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

about September 1880

Dear Sister -

The responsibility of Pathos is almost more than the responsibility of Care. Mother will never walk. She still makes her little Voyages from her Bed to her Chair in a Strong Man's Arms - probably that will be all.

Her poor Patience loses it's way and we lead it back - I was telling her Nieces yesterday, who wrote to ask for her, that to read to her - to fan her - to tell her "Health will come Tomorrow," and make the Counterfeit look real - to explain why "the Grasshopper is a Burden" - because it is not as new a Grasshopper as it was - this is so ensuing, that I hardly have said, "Good Morning, Mother," when I hear myself saying "Mother, - Good Night -"

Time is short and full, like an outgrown Frock -

You are very kind to give me leave to ask "the question" again, but on renewed self examination I find I have not the temerity -

I thought of your Garden in the Rocks those unfeeling Nights - perhaps it had "Watchers" as Vinnie's did -

I hope the Doctor is improving - in his health - I mean - his other perfections precluding the suggestion, and that my little Sister is in sweet robustness -

Vinnie is far more hurried than Presidential Candidates - I trust in more distinguished ways - for they have only the care of the Union, but Vinnie the Universe -

With her love and mine,

          Emily -

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