letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

October 1882

Dear Sister.

You knew we would come as soon as we knew - The little Group at the Springfield Table has indeed diminished -

Doctor - Mother - Brother. I am glad I have seen your noble Brother, for now I can miss him from Affection rather than report. Like my Father he went to Boston to die. All who die in Boston are endeared to me - 'Twas his Isle of flight.

I was just writing you in congratulatory gladness, when the dark words came. I hope it is not too much for your dear - Over burdened Spirit. October could not pass you by.

It sometimes seems as if special Months gave and took away -

August has brought the most to me - April - robbed me most - in incessant instances.

Your Brother bore a strong resemblance to a Childhood's friend who long since died, and whose look I never have seen repeated.

It is almost involuntary with me to send my Note to that Home in the Grass where your many lie -

Could I visit the Beds of my own who sleep, as reprovelessly, even Night were sweet -

With tender thought of Kate in her joyful Hour,


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