letters from dickinson to elizabeth holland

To Mrs. J.G. Holland
From ED

3 March 1883

Were not the Faces too lovely, I should say the remembrance were lovelier, but a perilous Chivalry being involved, I regard the limitude -

Annie looks the pathetic Squirrel that she always was and Kate a questioning Dove -

Her question however is answered now - Please tell her from me -

The Clock strikes one that just struck two -
Some schism in the Sum -
A Vagabond from Genesis
Has wrecked the Pendulum -

The instant acquiescence was delightfully hearty - the suddenness of a tenderness making it more sweet -

Thank the Suggester and the Enacter, and once more, please, a little news of the ill Linnet -

We trust Mr-Van Wagner retakes his fleeing Health - Should suggest a Policeman, and that Kate found Flowers and wonder in the Sweet Land.

March is three Days with me, but his Face is so unbecoming still, I dont show him to Strangers -

With love for each, and a shy smile at the new Brethern,

          Emily -

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