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Thomas Johnson's Note on Letter 180

MANUSCRIPT: Rosenbach 1170/17 (5). Ink. Dated: Wednesday Evening. Addressed: Miss Jane Humphrey/care Charles Hammond Esq./Groton/Mass. Franked: E. Dickinson M.C. Postmarked: Amherst Ms. Oct. 18. Unpublished.

Jane Humphrey had returned from Ohio, and after a visit in Amherst was teaching at Groton. The Reverend Charles Hammond, who had a statewide reputation as an educator, was at this time principal of Groton Academy. He had earlier been connected with Monson Academy, both as student and teacher, and ED's acquaintance with him was probably made through her Monson family connections. The ordination of Daniel Bliss took place on 17 October. The Dickinson homestead, built in 1813 by Samuel Fowler Dickinson, had been bought in 1833 by Deacon David Mack when S.F. Dickinson had been compelled by financial reverses to sell it. Edward Dickinson and his family continued to live in part of it until the spring of 1840, when he bought a house on North Pleasant Street and moved into it shortly. Shortly after Mack died in September 1854, the house came onto the market and Edward Dickinson purchased it in April 1855. After extensive remodeling, the house was almost ready for occupancy when this letter was written. The move was actually made in November. This is ED's last known letter to Jane Humphrey.

The scripture quotation in the last paragraph is from 2 Corinthians 5.1 (see letters 182, 458, and 866).

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