Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H B179a
at Centre of 
the Sea -
I am glad Mrs.
Gertrude lived - 
I believed she 
would - Those that 
are worthy of Life 
are of Miracle, 
for Life is Miracle, 
and Death, as 
harmless as a Bee -  
except to those 
who run   
It would be best to 

H B179b

see you - it would 
be good to see the 
Grass, and hear the
Wind blow the wide 
way in the Orchard - 
Are the Apples 
ripe - Have the 
Wild Geese crossed -
Did you save the 
seed to the 
Pond Lily?
Love for Mat, and 
John, and the 
Foreigner - And 

H B179c

kiss little Ned 
in the seam in 
the neck, entirely 
for Me -
The Doctor is 
very kind -
I find no Enemy - 
Till the Four o'Clocks 
strike Five, Loo
will last, she says.  
Do not cease, Sister.  
Should I turn in 
my long night, I should
murmur "Sue"


H B179

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