Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H SH1a
One Sister have I in our house ` 
And one, a hedge away. 
There's only one recorded, 
But both belong to me. 

One came the road that I came ` 
And wore my last year's gown ` 
The other as a bird her nest, 
Builded our hearts among. 

She did not sing as we did ` 
It was a different tune ` 
Herself to her music 
As Bumble bee of June. 

Today is far from Childhood ` 
But up and down the hills 
I held her hand the tighter ` 
Which shortened all the miles ` 

H SH1b

And still her hum 
The years among, 
Deceives the Butterfly; 
Still in her Eye 
The Violets lie 
Mouldered this many May. 

I spilt the dew ` 
But took the morn ` 
I chose this single star 
From out the wide night's numbers ` 
Sue  forevermore! 
		Emilie ' 



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