Emily Dickinson's Correspondences
Correspondence with Susan Dickinson

H SH 1

JP 14

FP 5

OMC 30

late 1850s

ink, on two leaves


folded in half

SH, 1-2, headed "To Sue" and signed "Emilie" (later editions delete the heading and alter the signature to "Emily"). Ink, on two blue-ruled leaves, the first four quatrains on the first page. Pinholes, "X" on verso. Now one can see that the manuscript sheet on which this was written has been folded in half so that there are two leaves. Then, on the third page, the top third (above the crease for folding to enclose in an envelope) is torn away. Pasted into Martha D. Bianchi's own copy of her first edition of her aunt's poetry, The Single Hound, an inscription by Bianchi appears above Dickinson's holograph: "To my Dolly - / From Aunt Emily and me / 1917" (Dolly was a nickname that Emily sometimes used for Sue). Below the title is Dickinson's poem:

Adventure most unto
The Soul condemned
to be
Attended by a Single
Its' own identity.
Emily -

Pencil, on sheet carefully torn at right and bottom, folded in half. Pinholes. Johnson dates "One Sister" "December 1858" on the basis of the handwriting and because Austin and Sue were living in the Evergreens by her twenty-eighth birthday and he surmises that this was a birthday greeting.

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