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H L15

JL 70

21 January 1852


watermark/embossment: I, Paris, embossed

17 x 10.5 cm.

FF 209-211 (in part). Ink, embossed "Paris" (I). Envelope (at Yale) addressed: Miss Susan H Gilbert./Care of Mr Archer./40-Lexington St./Baltimore./Md. Postmarked: Amherst Ms Jan 22. "S's" in "pass" at end of second paragraph are calligraphically extravagant, appearing to rise up and wink at the reader. Johnson omits "home" from the second sentence: "I have just come home from your home. . . ." He also says that Sue's sister Martha (Mattie) was down with influenza for several weeks, from mid-January until late February/early March, and therefore groups Emily's letters remarking on her health together.

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